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Emotional Intelligence is our capacity to perceive and understand beyond the form of any person, object, or situation.

In simple words, it is our ability to think and feel with our heart. 

We discern, understand and feel our environment beyond the form, and to decode in depth the emotions, energies and atmospheres present in us and in others.

Do you know that when you look at any object or a situation, your way of recognizing and evaluating gets coded as per the emotions you have recorded? This experience can go back to your childhood and can come from the influences of parents, friends, society, and far beyond.

Because it helps us to make wiser decisions and to develop our discernment and leadership in life. without being negatively influenced by our personal and past experiences towards a situation. It gives us a global vision of situations and behaviors and makes us more intelligent, more connected to the cause, not only to the consequences.

By developing our EQ, we learn to decode the emotions and energies behind the facade. We can even decode fake news, study all subjects in more depth by understanding the plus (+), minus (-) and tendency (mix of + and -) aspects of all things.

It helps us on many different levels:

To develop better relationships with family, friends and colleagues

To be aware of the + and – aspects of a situation to make better choices

To balance our inner and outer worlds and respond positively to any outer stimulation

To understand our inner resonances and reactions with what we experience

To become a better person by questioning our daily reality and doing our best to develop our positive qualities.

Follow 5 steps to activate your Emotional Intelligence in you

  1. Explore MYEQ programs of Emotional Intelligence
  2. Register for a unique & advanced program of Emotional Intelligence at MY EQ
  3. Assess your learning progress
  4. Receive guidance from a MYEQ Facilitator
  5. Continue to improve your Emotional Intelligence over several levels

Please follow 5 steps to activate your Emotional Intelligence in your team:

  1. Intend to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team performance in kindness and courage
  2. Counsel with MY EQ team to explore all unique & advanced programs of emotional intelligence
  3. Design a customized program of emotional intelligence with MY EQ expertise
  4. Deploy & assess progress of learning and improvement in your organization
  5. Continue to integrate emotional intelligence in competency development of your people

The +|- Code is a modern and unique Educational Program for individuals or families, educational organizations, companies that wish to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

The Plus Minus Code program is suitable for children and teenagers aged 7 and above, or for anyone who wishes to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and with a variety of professions like students, teachers, office workers, managers; families and educational organizations or companies, etc.

Yes. Because when we are a genius with a top IQ, it is very important to also develop our EQ to make sure we have the right balance in our intelligence and multi-perceptions.

Yes. Developing our EQ brings deeper meaning to our life because we can understand that what is most important is to do our best and develop qualities. By learning to recognize the +|- aspects in facial expressions or situations, we also learn to develop the positivity and transform the negativity within us, as we understand the consequences it has on our life.

Yes, definitely. It allows them to develop deeper understanding of the human emotions in their environment.

Yes, definitely. By learning to concentrate and reflect on the +|- energies of an image, students learn to improve their focus, which is an important quality that helps them calm down hyperactivity or improve attention deficiency.

First, the students watch the video of the +|-  CODE on their online account, or with their teacher in their classroom.

Then, they can take the EQ Test to check their understanding of the subject.

Finally, they can review their answers, allowing for constructive talks with their parents or teachers.

See videos for more details

Yes it is non-profit. The Plus Minus Code Program is supported by a non-profit organization called the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation.

In Vietnam, MY EQ is the official partner of SCT to distribute the Plus Minus Code Program to children, teenagers, students, teachers, adults, families, organizations, and companies.

More SCT info can be found at:

You can find out our various plans here, choose your most suitable plan and follow the instruction.

You will find all relevant information in this section.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us via communication channels, then we will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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