Privacy Policy

  1. Purpose of collecting customer information

We will collect customer information including: Full Name, Contact Address, Email, Phone Number

When collecting personal information from customers, we want to provide the necessary support to customers, protect their rights and ensure respect for their privacy.

Within the scope of the terms, we commit not to sell, rent or exchange the collected customer information data to any other object than the subjects listed in this policy.

  1. Scope of using information of customers:

Information collected from customers is used to the extent:

– Provide consulting services to customers according to the information provided by the customer

– Contact customers to provide products/services when customers buy goods at our website. Confirm information when the customer makes a purchase.

– Conduct surveys, promotional activities, take care of customers, update new information for customers

– In case the customer leaves the computer and has not logged out on the website, the system will automatically log out after a period of time.

  1. Customer information storage time

We will store information collected from the customer from the time the customer registers until the customer’s account is deactivated.

  1. Subjects of information sharing

We may share and disclose customers’ personal information when we believe that this is necessary to protect the interests of customers, ensure the safety of transactions for customers and at the request of a third party. authorized three.

In case the customer does not want to share information, we completely agree when we receive the request from the customer

  1. Information storage address

All customer information is stored at:


Address: 45 Street No. 1, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC


Tel: 0768.268.272

  1. Methods for customers to modify personal information on the data system

Customers can update, correct or cancel their personal information by:

Step 1: Log in to the customer’s account on the website

Step 2: Customers choose Edit account on the left column. On the right column, customers can edit First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Email Address, or Change Password. Then select [SAVE CHANGES]

  1. Commitment to customer information confidentiality

We are committed to protecting customer’s personal information according to the following contents:

  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality according to our personal information protection policy
  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality of all customer’s online transaction information
  • Commit not to transfer, provide or disclose to third parties the customer’s personal information without the consent of the customer, except as otherwise specified in this policy and in accordance with the law. the law.
  • In case of technical errors or data attacks, we are responsible for notifying the authorities and customers within 3 working days from the time the problem occurs.
  1. Mechanism to deal with violations of the commitment to use customers’ personal information

When customers discover that their personal information is misused or violates the terms specified in this policy, customers please send complaint requests to email accompanied by information proving the violation.

We will respond to the customer’s information within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the customer’s complaint information so that the two parties can agree to come up with a solution.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us via communication channels, then we will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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