Explore your feelings. Discover your Inner World.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capacity to manage positive and negative emotions. EI is the ability to perceive, feel and understand information beyond appearances, the ability to decode the world and to live with multi-dimensional vision.

  • Learn how to build a happy life
  • Transform negative emotions into positive actions
  • Be more confident in communication
  • Create authentic and beautiful relationships
  • Become a benevolent leader who can make good decisions

Be careful of the lack of emotional intelligence and its consequences

What MyEQ Programs to choose?

MyEQ Class

Learn Emotional Intelligence together
via wonderful activities

MyEQ eLearning

Study online via
the Plus Minus Code Program

MyEQ Coaching & Parenting

Meet an EQ expert via
a One to One session

Meet our Students

Jeri Kha

15 years old


Plus Minus Code has helped me to decline with love my friend’s invitation to smoke.

I can manage time better, and understand benefits of school subjects. I no longer play video game because I am now happy to be a volunteer of international Non-Profit organizations.

Noeline and Anael

9 years old & 7 years old


From our youngest age, our parents teach us the Plus and the Minus in daily circumstances. But with the plus-minus program, we could learn by ourselves, it is very interesting. It is also funny and helps us to understand our emotions.

Hang Trinh

Co-Founder of Nutri-Greens


For the first time my daughter and I were able to study and discuss as a classmate. She became more willing to open up herself. Soon, she was able to discern the plus and minus from others’ opinions. She found friendship again and voluntarily reconnected with her friends after being rejected for her selfishness.

Plus Minus Code has helped my daughter develop her way of reasoning and decision.

Mrs. Blánaid Rensch

M.A. & Higher Diploma in Education (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
English Language & Literature Teacher & Student Counsellor/ Mediator, Switzerland


As a teacher with 37 years of experience at all levels, from kindergarten (Montessori method), to junior or senior high school, and student counsellor/ mediator for the past 16 years, I have always been interested in how to help our young people express, understand, and deal with their emotions and to be discerning.

I truly believe The Plus Minus Code program is the educational future for today’s and tomorrow’s young citizens, those citizens whom MTV, social media and network now refer to as “The Founder”… The +|- CODE provides our young people with a solid foundation on which to build the future.

Mr. Jitendraa Siingh

CEO & Managing Trustee of Priyadarshani School, India
Achieved GFEL Award & many international awards or the application of the Plus Minus Code in teaching at school.


My students love to learn the +|- CODE program. We have seen a big change in them especially when they have to choose between good and bad. They are able to see beyond the illusion or facade and make better choices.

Many parents have reported that the behavioral issues of their children have gone down. I am certain that all my students who are receiving these teachings are going to be better leaders of tomorrow.

Linh Lê



How lucky I and my son found +|- CODE! We decided to learn together. Plus plus, minus minus, positivity or negativity… A variety of life topics! My son is able to give his opinions with multidimensional views about life.

I thank to +|- CODE which accompanies me and my son on the journey to develop emotional intelligence. I am more peaceful during milestones of my son’s childhood.

Hoàng Lan



The experts from SCT has designed the +|- CODE program that helps to develop Emotional Intelligence. They always present themselves so gently with beautiful emotions and filled with positive energy.

It is the most basic human intelligence, but has been forgotten in complicated daily life, causing many to lose their way and start all over again.
Plus Minus Code is a school that every human being needs to learn since their childhood and practice with perseverance to live happily.

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