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Have you ever wondered…

🤔 “I am not sure I truly understand my child… I don’t know how to be a good parent… Sometimes I got angry, sometimes I feel impatient… I would like my child to succeed better than me in life… But I am not sure to have the appropriate tools… I know my child need to have a good education, where do I need to start?”

🤔 “Also, I would like my child is better at school… My child seems not very concentrated… How can I improve my child’s ability to learn? What are the secrets to developing a good capacity to learn?”

We have the solutions to your problems

What are the benefits of MyEQ Parenting?

  • Deepen your understanding of your children’s inner world.
  • Enhance your ability to support and accompany your children through challenging emotions.
  • Uncover the root causes of your child’s difficulties and provide emotional support.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence in both children and parents for creating harmony in the family.

Time and Place

Online via Zoom

Time: 2 times/month on Wednesday, starting from 26/04/2023
19.30 – 20.30

Upcoming events

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