Thousands of students decode fake news

Fake news is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. Many young people are sometimes misinformed, or make decisions that are harmful to themselves and their environment by following information that is not proven.

For several years now, different approaches have been developed to help young people develop their discernment and their ability to analyze what surrounds them. This is what we call Emotional Intelligence, and it means understanding the world around us with deepened awareness, reacting with sensitivity and being able to connect to our feelings and those of others in all our interactions. Indeed, when we understand the meaning of a facial micro-expression, tone of voice, gesture or drawing, we can decode the essence of the message and this leads to great logic and very effective discernment.

These skills are now in high demand from schools and companies, as people who have developed their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will show better leadership skills, more empathy and will create more harmonious social interaction at work and in their personal life. People with high EQ will also make better and more reasonable decisions.

Recently, a new curriculum has emerged and is being offered and used by thousands of students in various countries. Designed to help children and teenagers around the world develop their emotional intelligence.

The right method of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could help people better understand and analyze their outer and inner worlds. We need to understand our emotional code if we want to be happy in life. EQ is the future of a balanced education and can be used to consciously build our life not with one intelligence but with two.


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