The CEO of a group of schools from Pune, India, that have been working with The +|- Code for 3 years, has received an award at the last 2009 Dubai GFEL (Global Forum for Education and Learning). Mr. Jitendraa Singh has been awarded as one of the “100 top leaders in education”.


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Pune, Mar 16, 2020 ( – Mr. Jitendraa Siingh, the CEO and Managing Trustee of Priyadarshani group of schools, Pune, India were honored and acknowledged with three prestigious awards in the field of education for his exemplary vision and efforts for taking education to excellence. Education plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of children, it is not very often that we recognize, applaud and appreciate the institutions and people behind them that helped in shaping many lives for a purpose to serve the society and nurturing the next generation

Priyadarshani Schools have won many awards worldwide since they started working with The +|- Code Program.

In this interview by a well-established Indian news channel, discover how the Principal of Priyadarshani Group of Schools, India, talks about their constant endeavor to help students reach their highest potential with emotional intelligence.

This beautiful article was released in the Times of India, in the top 5 cities. The pilot Schools have started working with The Plus Minus Code 3 years ago… Now their CEO, Jitendraa Siingh, is receiving many awards around the world thanks to his work with The +|- Code Program.

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