MYEQ School Programs

MYEQ and the Plus Minus Code Program, support schools to set up the SEL program (Social Emotional Learning), and
create an EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT of Emotional and Social Well-Being

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Increase focus in life and at school
  • Develop problem-solving skills, and decision making with discernment
  • Expand EQ and positive mindset in life
  • Improve empathy and, ability to understand them self and others
  • Develop the ability to see beyond the apperance (interpreting facial expressions, decoding fake news)
  • Enhance emotional skills: anger, anxiety, and stress management
  • Empower students, and build positive leaders for the future with the right values

Why MyEQ?

  • MYEQ helps the young generation develop SEL and parents understand their children, creating beautiful family bonding.
  • MYEQ, the expansion of Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation, which is a Swiss Non-Profit Organization and leading more than 20 year research. Above 50 experts of Emotional Intelligence around the world devote and contribute to develop the Emotional Intelligence programs which have international and multicultural perspectives at SCT
  • Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) Award 2019: IPriyadarshani Schools have won many awards worldwide since they started working with The +|- Code Program from 2017.
  • Schools in France has applied The +|- Code Program from 2019.
  • Teacher centers in Japan has applied The +|- Code Program from 2020.


  • Base on + and – expertise and program
  • Create interaction during live session in class or online class
  • Activity in group and individual to increase understanding and living the emotions Gaming , Quizz and live evaluation …
  • Use interactive technologies for animations
  • With MYEQ facilitator, expert in emotional intelligence certificate by SCT switzerland foundation
  • With Plus Minus Code school program knowledge

Emotional Regulation

  • Emotional regulation skills: anger and anxiety management, ability to cope with loss coping with loss, abuse and trauma.
  • Stress management skills that time management, positive thinking and mastering relaxation techniques.
  • Self-assessment and self-regulation skills that promote self-confidence and self-esteem.


A team that devotes their lives to helping people to develop Emotional Intelligence with understanding and love.

International & Multicultural

50 EXPERTS in the world and 20-year research & teaching

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