Building the foundation for a bright future: Hung Dong EQ Class – The key to success for teenagers 12-15 years old!


Sow the seeds of emotional intelligence in your child, develop their potential, and build a solid foundation for a bright future.

Hung Dong 🌅- Dawn: symbolizes the beginning of a new day, new hope, and this is the period when teenagers begin to build dreams, hope, and explore the world around them from a new perspective. multidimensional. The Hung Dong EQ class is the next step in the MyEQ Journey meant to help teenagers build the right knowledge base, develop important skills and create the best momentum for future development with high emotional intelligence.

Problems that teenagers 12-15 years old often encounter

Physical development:

◻️ Body changes: Children begin puberty and their bodies develop rapidly, which can lead to feelings of confusion and self-consciousness about appearance.

◻️ Eating disorders: Pressure about appearance can put children at risk of eating disorders such as anorexia and overeating.

◻️ Fatigue: Due to hormonal and growth changes, children often feel tired and lack sleep.

Mental and emotional development:

◻️ Mood changes: Children may experience many different emotions quickly and intensely, including happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety.

◻️ Academic pressure, school bullying: Children begin to face more academic pressure, in addition, school bullying negatively affects their mental and physical health.

◻️ Conflicts in the family: Because they want to assert themselves, children may often conflict with their parents on issues such as time, clothes, and friends.

◻️ Social networks, stimulants, early love and other issues.

Educating and supporting children through the psychological and physiological changes of adolescence is not easy for parents. Understanding this, the Hung Dong EQ class was born as a powerful arm for parents and as a close friend of teenagers.

The Hung Dong EQ class is designed specifically for teenagers from 12-15 years old, providing an advanced and useful learning program, helping them develop comprehensive emotional intelligence.

Outstanding advantages of the Hung Dong EQ class

☀️ The program is built to suit the culture and psychological characteristics of teenagers.

☀️ Diverse topics and useful activities bring a multi-dimensional perspective on life to children.

☀️ The lesson integrates knowledge about Symbolic Language and the Plus Minus Code program from Source Code Technology – SCT Foundation.

☀️ MyEQ teachers with many years of research and practice in EQ are always dedicated and understand children’s emotions.

The topics are diverse and closely related to your children’s life

  • Solutions for stress
  • A new understanding of fears
  • Preparing for adolescence
  • Fake news, real consequences
  • Bullying…hidden weaknesses behind strength
  • A trap of addictions_dependencies
  • Music & inner ambiances
  • The plus and minus of money
  • Harmful or helpful second chances
  • Obeying what is right
  • The colors of my soul states
  • Positive & negative doubts
  • The two polarities
  • Changing for the better
  • The causes of rebellion

Benefits after the MyEQ course for Teens

💙 Understand themselves:

  • Recognize and understand their own emotions.
  • Understand their strengths, weaknesses and values.

💙 Manage emotions:

  • Know how to transform stress, anxiety, and anger in a healthy way.
  • Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

💙 Effective communication:

  • Communicate openly and honestly with themselves and others.
  • Listen actively and understand others.
  • Build and maintain good relationships.

💙 Make wise decisions:

  • Evaluate options objectively and think carefully before making a decision.
  • Take responsibility for their own decisions.
  • Learn from mistakes and adjust their behavior accordingly.

💙 Develop social skills:

  • Show empathy and compassion for others.
  • Collaborate and work effectively in groups.
  • Solve problems creatively.
  • Lead and influence others positively.

💙 Personality development:

  • Become a compassionate person, know how to care and help others.
  • Have a sense of responsibility to themselves, their family and society.
  • Live a life of purpose, meaning and happiness.

💙 Prepare for the future:

  • Have the knowledge and skills necessary for academic and career success.
  • Confidently step into the big world and achieve success.

Please note: The level of development of children after the course will depend on many factors such as age, learning ability and effort of the children. However, with a scientifically designed and structured curriculum, along with a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, Hung Dong EQ Class will help children develop comprehensively in terms of physical, mental and social aspects.

Parents’ sharing

Ms. Thúy Ngần

…As a mother with a daughter, I care more about whether MY CHIILD IS HAPPY or not. That’s why I always put “emotional intelligence” as the first factor in interacting and guiding my child…So, finding the MyEQ class introduced by Ms. Dang Thi Ha was truly a lifesaver for my whole family 💚

The teachers are very enthusiastic, sincere and share their feelings, helping children understand their own emotions, manage emotions, and manage relationships in the family and community. From there, children know how to express their own emotions, learn to love and be loved in the right way 💙💙 It’s highly recommended to try it out 😊

[Read the full sharing here]

Ms. Lan Anh

When I registered my children to learn at MyEQ, I hoped that they would soon have access to basic knowledge to build the right code from within. The results have really shown me that I am doing the right things for my children. 👦👧

…The effectiveness of the MyEQ class comes very naturally to my child…

Thank you to MyEQ Center and Teachers, I hope this great knowledge will be spread more widely to the community. Wishing MyEQ teachers a new year full of health, enthusiasm and peace.

[Read the full sharing here]

Ms. Quỳnh Hoa

My son is very sensitive… He is often unhappy at school, does not get along with friends, and is teased or bullied by friends….

Then he learned at MyEQ class… He said he felt very comfortable and happy. Then he likes going to MyEQ class, he feels safe and comfortable there. He also often tells what he learned in class, and he begins to know how to recognize his feelings of anger or frustration.

…I was very touched and grateful to know that my child knew how to face his difficulties by starting to look back at unhappy memories from a different perspective. He is opening another door for himself, a door with love and light.

[Read the full sharing here]

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