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Understand & Transform the ANGER


Sometimes our children stumble, sometimes they get bad results in exams… We feel angry because we told them not to run too fast but they didn’t listen, because we told them to study hard but they were busy playing… We get angry at our children, the harsh and hurtful words which we say cannot be taken back, and even the whip is imprinted on their skin. Then, when we calm down, we get angry at ourselves, regret what we did, and promise it won’t happen again next time. But then another situation comes up and triggers new anger within you.

So many times, you think that: I’m angry with my child because I love them, if it had happened to a strange child, I would not have been so angry. But do you think, once the anger occurs, is the true love still there, are you giving your child unconditional love?

Why is your child’s score lower than other students? Their score is not good because the score is not as high as you expected, or they tried really hard to learn and did it with their best at their current ability, and they will try harder next time.

Your children often bother you when you come home from work, every day, in weariness. Is it because they don’t think for their parents and just want to make them angry, or behind it, which is the need of getting their parents’ attention and spend more time with them…

You will better understand the root cause of anger from your children and from within yourself to transform and bring pure love to them.

Some of the parents’ questions will be answered in this Wednesday’s sharing session.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023
19:30 – 21:00
online zoom


Ân Nguyễn – Expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for over 10 years


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