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If Anger Can Affect Our Child’s Concentration?


Anger is a natural emotion and has many levels of expression. If young children don’t aware and learn to defuse their anger, then as they grow older, even encountering a slight displeasure can make them easily angry and explode. If a parent suppresses their child with spanking or scolding, the child will go into a state of hiding his emotions and repressing his anger.

Topics of anger are not new but are always in favour of parents. The MyEQ team have received so many questions about this topic. Furthermore, did you know that anger and concentration are closely related?
❓ When you are angry, can you focus on what you are doing?
❓ On the contrary, does your child get angry when he can’t get things done because he lacks attention?

To help parents gain more helpful information and knowledge in the process of helping their children transform anger and increase concentration, we invite you to attend this free event:



Wednesday, July 26, 2023
19:30 – 21:00
online zoom


Ân Nguyễn – Expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for over 10 years


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