MYEQ Parenting – Online Zoom 

Building Healthy Confidence with Our Children


Does your child have a lot of abilities and learn very well but cannot express them properly?

Even though parents have praised and encouraged their children, they still can’t help them gain confidence in themselves.

Does the child’s lack of confidence, timidity, and shyness make parents worry?

Sometimes even parents are not confident in their abilities, so how can parents help their children believe in their abilities?

If you have these concerns, let’s join the free parenting session:


Wednesday, May 05, 2023
19:30 – 21:00
online zoom


Ân Nguyễn – Expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for over 10 years


The value you’ll get from this series of workshops with your children to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ):
🔶 Explore the colourful emotional world of children through many different real stories
🔶 Understand the symbolic meaning deeply from the very small things in your child’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions
🔶 Feel the multidimensionality and cause behind the situations you find yourself in
🔶 Answer questions with EQ experts and get the right knowledge in the process of raising children


✨ You can now review previous sessions on the Eschool online platform. ✨

Please register here:


Thank you for spreading the program to your loved ones who are also on the journey of raising children to develop EQ 🙏


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