Linh Phan

“Emotional Intelligence is the water that the human consciousness needs”

Professional background

Striving for excellence, I have always wanted to do my best in every field I have undertaken, moving from the field of aviation, the pioneering field of technology, the field of jewelry, yoga, advertising, broadcast… I have always felt that the marriage between “intellectual” intelligence and emotional intelligence brings our possibilities and qualities to the highest level… Understanding the infinite possibilities of human beings has always fascinated

me… Very early on, my leadership qualities have always led me to positions of responsibility, as a mentor at school, then as a manager in different companies and this is what allowed me to develop a great versatility and a multidimensional intelligence in many fields…

Personal experience about symbolic language and dream

Dreams and symbols interpretation gradually became an important part of my life. I study at the most advanced teaching research center about dreams, signs and symbol interpretation. And honestly, it is the best tool for me to develop this fusion between intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. I was able to understand many of my qualities but also what prevents those qualities from blossoming… Dreams were helping to understand how to unlock certain situations, how to talk with people with diplomacy, how to anticipate certain reactions from others because as a manager, anticipation is one of the most important qualities… Dreams helped me to reach another level in leadership but also in the wisdom and the love I am able to provide… Indeed, your dreams help you to become better and it also helps to discover the right person, the person

with whom you will spend your life with… Through my dreams, I discovered my life partner, Ân, when I was in a period of deep self-questioning with a previous couple relationship…


As a facilitator, my wish is to help children, teenagers, and adults so they can become the leaders of their life through many programs offered by MY EQ…

EQ Certification

Certified therapist by a Teaching and Research Center based in Canada (5 years of studying dreams and symbols)

Graduated from Vietnam Aviation Academy (4,5 years of study)

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