Khanh Nguyen

“We can program a complex system with a computer and we can program a complete person with our spirit”

Professional background : 

After several years working in various areas of my profession, Emotional Intelligence and symbolic language are the most important that helped me adapt to different works. Everything exists in a form of binary code 100111101, which represents many types of decisions, and with this fundamental understanding, I was able to decide what I need among immense selections to improve all projects every day, starting from scratch.

Personal experience about symbolic language and dream :

I started the study of dreams, signs and symbols interpretation 4 years ago, a life changing program that brings me new perspectives about Emotional Intelligence and symbolic language. My family life, relationships and work have gotten improved since I understood that I attract what and who I am. And with dreams, I come back to myself and gradually reprogram myself first. When my emanating energies were brighter, like the butterfly effect, my outer blockages were then transformed. I sincerely believe that with dreams, we can have autonomy in our decisions and cultivate qualities to live fully our life.


As a facilitator, I hope more and more Vietnamese children, teenagers, and adults will be touched by the programs offered by MYEQ. Because I believe it’s the key to unlock their latent potentials, the very first step is always understanding themselves…

EQ certification

Currently, studying in Therapist degree by a Teaching and Research Center based in Canada (4 years of studying dreams and symbols)

Graduate from Vietnam University of Information Technology (4,5 years of study)

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