How our concepts, values and emotions shape our reality

Did you know that besides the well-known Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) there is also Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? This EQ intelligence is based on our emotions, our feelings and our ability to be in touch with ourselves and with the world we live in. The more we know our emotions the more we can manage them and the more we are globally intelligent, which in turn makes us more effective both personally and professionally.

When we face a situation, whether positive or negative, we express ourselves. We can express ourselves “to ourselves”, or to someone else. Our “expression” is directly related to our ability to connect with, and understand, our emotions. Our ability to discern what our emotions mean, i.e., to decode them, will allow us to take a step back and detach ourselves from an emotional force that is either too intense or non-existent, (emotional coldness, for instance). Applying discernment to our emotions and feelings will allow us to balance our “expression” (our reaction) by having our emotional intelligence (EQ) and our intellectual intelligence (IQ) work together for a positive decision-making process.

This decoding process can be compared to learning a foreign language. As we decode it, we understand the EQ code that will reveal what our emotions reflect. The reason why our emotions take time to be decoded is because we have been accumulating emotional charges since childhood in our emotion reservoir – our unconscious. Millions of fractions of memories and emotions can generate confusion when it comes to connecting them together because of their unknown latent power when linked either to problems or indeed happiness.

The right method of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could help people better understand and analyze their outer and inner worlds. We need to understand our emotional code if we want to be happy in life. EQ is the future of a balanced education and can be used to consciously build our life not with one intelligence but with two.


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