Hélène Nguyen

“Discern what I feel, feel while I do, to understand and improve my sound decision-making power.”

Professional background : 

Thanks to improving my inner EQ, my working path interest had evolved from personal benefits to interpersonal benefits. After 12 years in marketing service, my two children have become a source of inspiration to deepen parental skills, educative pedagogies and neurosciences studies… In agreement with my husband, I have paused my outer career to dedicate myself to our children’s education for 4 years. We have constructed an amazing life, built family inner values like resilience, tested and learned educative concepts, and widened pedagogical points of view.

During the last 6 years, I embodied my knowledge and certifications :

to conduct emotional intelligence workshops for pupils in French schools in Paris,

to coach teachers and educational assistants to apply positive psychology and positive discipline protocols with students,

to raise awareness about Montessori pedagogy and values to young children families in partnership with a municipal childhood house.

to engage children and adults in their inner sensitivity discovery, and improve  emotional intense responses management as a sophrology therapist.

Currently, I’m a primary school teacher in French international school of Ho Chi Minh city, in an experimental classroom system to help pupils developing autonomy, fair governance and sound decisions.

Personal experience about symbolic language and dream :

I have been so touched by my first meeting with symbolic language and dream interpretation as it brings a new light on me… new angles that allow me to progressively bring positive changes in my adult’s life, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend… and in my professional path, up to the point that I see and recognized my real and deep affinities with being a school teacher.

Symbolic language and dream interpretation are unique universal tools, now part of my daily life as it brings me personal information to change myself from what could make me move away from being fair in my decisions, behaviors, thoughts, or feelings.


Emotional intelligence is now becoming one of the main requirements for employers.

And, how to learn it? We can first learn it from our parents or family, from our educative mistakes through life, or from one of the most advanced programs on Emotional Intelligence, the MYEQ program.

As a facilitator, I’m touched to help children, students, adults, grandparents… discovering the profound behavioral patterns and attitudes that make up the palette of +|– aspects as well as the multi-dimensions of all our experiences in Life.

EQ certification

Currently, studying in Therapist degree fifth years Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation

Graduate from a Canadian school, certification 3 years Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation

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