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MYEQ Advanced Training Center on leardership & emotional management

develop the High EQ Leaders of tomorrow

Your benefits

  • Enhance leadership and inspiration
  • Have a better team interaction and cooperation
  • Create balance in your partnership
  • Manage conflict in the smooth way
  • Take better decision with global vision
  • Develop self-confidence in your team
  • Integrate right values and fidelity at work
  • Build strong empathy to understand people
  • Accelerate emotion regulation skills


  • MYEQ, exclusive partner of Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation, which is a Swiss Non-Profit Organization and leading more than 25 year research. Above 50 experts of Emotional Intelligence around the world devote and contribute to develop the Emotional Intelligence programs which have international and multicultural perspectives at SCT.
  • MYEQ optimize and adapts EQ training program to your company requests. 
  • MYEQ offers 360° EQ solutions: EQ elearning, EQ integration workshop, EQ coaching, EQ test, EQ HR console…
  • MYEQ helps your company to create long term success with high EQ manager, high EQ team…

International & Multicultural

More than 50 EXPERTS in the world

+ 25 years research & teaching

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