Ân Nguyễn

“Happiness is found in every gesture of Love”

Professional background

Working for more than 10 years in the mechanism of human consciousness, with a teaching and research center based in Canada, I was able to understand that there are fundamental codes based on our memories whether they are positive or negative or a mixture of both… As a physiotherapist, I became gradually able to understand my patients so as to unlock their positive forces and to accompany on the way to understand negative memories that were creating many blockages, densified in the body, thus creating problems, certain illnesses, etc. I discovered that the memories are the root of who we are and that we can access those memories via the doors of dreams and that symbolic language is the key…

Personal experience about symbolic language and dream

I could say with all my intention and my heart that dreams changed my life. Our potential is truly infinite and when we can have access to the unconscious, we can develop a deep emotional intelligence. When you know yourself, you know how to make good decisions in life, you know how to talk, to communicate, you know how to create a meaningful life, to encounter the right person for your life. It is with dreams that I was able to build a beautiful relationship with my life partner, my wife Linh Phan.


I believe MYEQ is the next platform to bring Emotional Intelligence to another level in the human consciousness for many generations. As a MyEQ teacher, I devote my time to spread life-changing programs for people whether they are children, teenagers, adults…

EQ Certification

Certified therapist and professor by the Teaching and Research Center (UCM) based in Canada (10 years of Dream, Sign & Symbol studies)

Graduate from HE2B – a Belgian College of Physiotherapist (4-year program)


I am at your service and I am looking forward to meet you and your children 🙂

Sincere regards,

Ân Nguyễn, Director of MyEQ Center

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