An Antidote to Fake News

What is Emotional Intelligence? What is the link with fake news?

Thomas is 16 years old and for him everything started with a powerful need to be loved. He became a fearless young man, ready to do almost anything to be acclaimed by his friends. His excessive thirst for love and attention has completely changed his personality over the past few years. Unconsciously, from his perspective, emotional dependency = true love. Like a computer, he was driven by lines of code, but not the right ones… ones that began to trigger a negative atmosphere in the family & at school.

A very intelligent teenager, one of a kind! A High Potential child that slowly started to lie to his parents, and over-confidently steal from their credit cards, with no fear of being caught.

This escalation reached its summit when, in the middle of the night, under the fake good influence of his friends, he was arrested just after he’d been shoplifting.

How can a great student with excellent grades, from a wealthy family, choose to steal like this for no reason? Thomas had reached a point where he believed more in bad influence from his friends and all he read on the Internet than in what could truly help him build a positive future.
At this point, not understanding his negative impulsions, his parents, honest, well-intentioned people, who had always brought him up well, decided to get him to start developing his Emotional Intelligence, his capacity to understand beyond the facade.

Just after a few lessons, they started to see wonderful results. At first, it was difficult for Thomas to discern the plus and minus well, because he was so used to making little of and trivializing what’s not right or allowed in our society. However, with this new amazing EQ game and learning program, he was quickly able to put his life back on track. Aiming for true positive goals with his family, friends and school!

“Emotional Intelligence helps us reprogram our vision of life with a global understanding of things. Not always seeing only one angle, but the whole picture, the 360°of a situation…”

Thomas was able to recognize the bad influence his old friends had had on him and now understands deeply the powerful, intense need to be loved that he constantly needed.

We are only beginning to realize the negative side effects of fake news in our children’s lives.

Imagine all the challenges it will create for the generations to come.

We all know there is virtually infinite info on the Internet that a child or teenager can access. And, of course, the Internet is a great tool, no doubt about it, but the information is often not accurate. It often makes it very difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong, plus and minus, true and false, real and fake. But, most of all, we tend to forget or underestimate the need to provide more and more education on this matter, at a younger age.

Tomorrow’s generation can be a generation of multi-level intelligence if we do something to help them. When we believe in fake news or erroneous concepts, it’s only a matter of education to distinguish what is right from what is not. That is why positive EQ education is the missing key!

However, when we understand the impulse and power of an emotion, we understand that fake news doesn’t only exist in newspapers or on the web, but also in our day to day relationship with our environment. The Internet has simply underlined and emphasized this over time because of the personal relationship we tend to have with our computer. Have you ever thought that your computer is like a friend? It shares info, emotions, sensations, etc. with us.

Our friends or our computer can be a true or fake inspiration in our life, but we need a lot of Emotional Intelligence to see this clearly, to choose the right people, the right path, and develop the discernment to understand in depth.

With Emotional Intelligence we learn to recognize the plus (+) and the minus (-) of all kinds of life situations, and while doing this, we always end up sharing our own stories and experiences… And that is how we can lead children and teenagers to deeply reflect about themselves positively, and improve their way of thinking, feeling and behaving…”

New generations have so many inner powers, so much inner potential and inner drive. Most children and teenagers are simply not well understood or well oriented in their great intelligence and skills. All they need is to start with the right way of thinking, positive intentions and inner codes to create true, not fake, happiness and success.

What is Emotional Intelligence? Why is it so important?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) represents our ability to perceive and understand beyond the form and react with sensitivity toward everything in life: accidents, events, relationships, objects, animals, plants, etc.

Whenever we look at an object (situation, event, behavior, etc.), the way we recognize and evaluate it has been coded within ourselves in accordance with the feelings and emotions recorded during our personal experiences with that particular object (or type of object, situation, behavior, etc.).

Our experience related to the object can go back to our childhood and stems from influences from parents, friends, society, and far beyond.

Nowadays new leaders are sought not only for their university degrees, but also for their skills in observation of human resources and their ability to successfully apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to a wide range of situations. In-depth understanding of all aspects of human beings not only guarantees success at work or for a company, but also a successful life on the individual, relational and family levels.

Emotional Intelligence markedly increases our awareness regarding all the situations and events that life presents us with. It provides global vision and profound empathy, which develops our discernment and ability to make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved.

Teaching in the schools of tomorrow will not only aim to develop intellectual understanding of the world, but will also teach students how to perceive, feel and sense in depth.


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