Alain Nguyen

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in positive harmony.”

Professional background : 

With more than 18 years in start-up and international companies. Setup, organize, and Leading teams and businesses in Digital, IT, Advertising, Yoga, Nutrition, Schoolbus, …

Emotional intelligence has always been the keystone on which I have built my management experience. With time, I was able to create a strong team spirit, a helpful and caring atmosphere conducive to the materialization of the qualities of each. The expansion of our qualities could be expressed in all our fields: managing customers, audience, parents, teenagers, and kids were easiest.

Personal experience about symbolic language and dream :

Since my early age, I was always eager to observe and understand people and when I started to study, in 2005, the knowledge of symbolic language and dreams, I knew it was the key to understand myself and others. In 2018, my wife and I received many dreams that invited us to connect with my Vietnamese roots, the country of my origin…

These dreams were very concentrated and precise. After a deep period of reflection, meditation, and discussion with my wife, I came here and explored job opportunities in Vietnam. And the connection with the people, with my heart country, was so strong .. I came back 2 months later with my wife and my 2 kids to live my dream in Vietnam.


I have the chance to involve myself in the MYEQ project as CEO and facilitator, to diffuse this knowledge in Vietnam. Help people to develop emotional intelligence, symbolic language, and dream interpretation.

Today I devote my time to the humanitarian MYEQ Project as a CEO to share this valuable knowledge on the emotional intelligence, symbols, and dream interpretation that has already changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people in the world…

EQ certification

Currently, studying in Therapist degree fifth years Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation

Graduate from a Canadian school, certification 3 years Dream, Sign & Symbol Interpretation

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